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The Ultimate Guide To Deceased Trees

Trees may be the main focus of beauty in your garden, but deceased trees are definitely not. Many of us forget to notice whether our trees may be deceased and why they should be removed in the first place. Here at Ashwood, we advise you on the needs of your trees. If you suspect your tree has died, then give us a call so we can assess whether it needs to be removed.


Trees are often under attack from the elements, from harsh winters and storms, to bugs and diseases. These natural assaults on trees often cause irreversible damage, resulting in the need of an extraction. Though you may not see the need for extraction, here are the reasons why it is extremely important.


Deceased trees often form habitats for unwanted bugs and rodents, due to the rotting structure. To avoid your garden becoming a habitat for unwanted creatures, an extraction is the best option.


Trees showcase your outside space, with their magnificent structure, beautiful foliage and adaptable presence. Deceased trees are certainly unattractive, giving little curb appeal to your property. The aesthetics of your home or business affects the interest and value. If you are looking to sell or rent your property, many may be distracted by the diserray in your garden.


Disease is another important factor, as this can affect your whole garden. We understand that having and maintaining a beautiful garden can be expensive, so leaving a deceased tree to spread disease and kill other healthy plants, is not environmentally or economically friendly to you. Diseases are contagious in the plant world, as dead trees grow mildew and their leaves are susceptible to chlorosis. Once your whole garden has been affected, you’ll be left with high costs to get it back into shape.


The most important reason to get rid of deceased trees is for safety purposes. Dead branches are more likely to fall, causing damage to your garden and property, but also a risk to the people around you. A deceased tree could also fall down all together, causing unspeakable damage. Don’t take a risk on those around you. You are responsible for the trees on your property, so be responsible.
We hope that our guide on deceased trees has encouraged you to take management of your garden.  If you are looking for more information to help with your garden visit our news section or contact us for a quote.

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Two shrubs removed and stumps ground out

“Very prompt, good job, well done and tidy.”

Elder 1 x conifer felled and stump ground out, 1 x elder cherry reduced and shaped.

“From the start to completion of works the level of work has been outstanding. Would have no hesitation in recommending.”

1 x conifer felled + stump ground out, 1 x holly felled, 1 x oak reduced and limb removed.

“I had Ashwood Group round today removing an oak tree from my garden. Fantastic group of hard working, polite and courteous group of guys who were also very respectful of my property. I would highly recommend them for any tree removal or tree work.”

Removal of an oak tree.

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Hedge cutting and cutting down trees

“Just a huge thank you to Ashwood Group Tree Service in Aldershot for donating materials to Crookham Infants School for our Forest School and vegetable garden on site today. What a nice bunch of tree surgeons!”

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