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How To Build The Perfect Wood Fire with Ashwood Group Bulk Suppliers

Ashwood Group Bulk Firewood Suppliers

It’s the perfect time of year to get that log fire burning. Ashwood Group Bulk Firewood Suppliers have put together some advice to help you keep your wood fire burning all winter.


The most important component of a good fire is the best firewood you can find. You’ll need to find fully seasoned firewood logs, as these have a reduced moisture content, making them perfect for a long lasting fire. At Ashwood, we season our soft and hardwood logs for at least a year, so there is no need to worry about mould or degrade, or a ton of ash and smoke filling your home.


Another essential component of a perfect woodfire is great kindling. The perfect kindling are dry split sticks of wood, split to 1-2 cm in diameter. You can also use sticks from your garden, as long as they are dry. Scrunched balls of newspaper are also helpful, but not too tight as you still want the air to be able to flow and draw the flame.


Once you have your firewood and kindling, place three logs in a triangle shape, with the largest at the back of the fire and smallest to the sides. Then in the middle of the log triangle, put your newspaper balls and kindling, and you are ready to light. Make sure you keep your air vents open, and maybe the front door if you need a little help drawing the flame.


At Ashwood Group we assure you that our products are sourced to the highest quality and by following these steps a perfect log fire can easily be created to keep you warm through the cold winter months. We are not just bulk firewood suppliers, we also provide wholesale timber and woodchip, as well as being fully qualified tree arborists. 

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